What’s for lunch?

This just makes me giggle.


Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.




Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

What I’m reading: Nakama I

I’ve recently whipped out my Japanese book from my freshman year of college to start studying Nihongo again. I’m so excited for my trip this fall that it has motivated me to study.日本に行きましょう!

 What I’m buying: Target Bins

I don’t know about you guys but waking up to a clean & organized room makes me feel like I’m doing a good job at adulthood. I got these cute bins at Target to sort all my purses/scarves/hats/etc in my closet.

What I’m watching: The Leftovers

There has been a hole in my heart since Game of Thrones ended this season. The Leftovers kind of feels like my rebound. I know it’s not going anywhere but it fills my Sunday night. I give it another episode or two and then I’ll find something I can really connect to.

What I’m eating: Trader Joe’s Cheddar Rocket Crackers

The Trader Joe’s version of Cheez-its are dangerously addictive. I think I’ve eaten the whole box we have at work. Sorry coworkers.



This weekend I’ll be heading to the Renegade Craft Fair at Grand Park downtown with my BFF Kay. If you guys like indie crafts & cute animals, swing on by.




Listen To This

In honor of their free show tonight in Santa Monica for the Twilight Concert Series, I wanted to share a song with you from the band PAPA. These guys rocked my face off back in December along with Wardell & Moses Sumney at the El Rey.

If you guys are looking for something to do tonight, head out to the Santa Monica pier at sun down and catch PAPA along with LA natives, Cayucas.



Animation Wednesdays

Every day that I get older, I find myself turning more and more into my father. He’s there when I stubbornly want to fix things myself instead of paying someone to do it. He’s there in my desire to own every instrument even if I can’t play them (yet). He’s mostly there in my bad jokes that no one laughs at but me. If I had to turn in to someone though… I’m glad it’s him.

This one is for our fathers and all the gifts they’ve given us.

If you liked this, check out Benjamin Scheuer’s other short “The Lion”.




Twilight Concerts

One of my favorite things to do with my friends in the summer is go to the Santa Monica Twilight Concert Series. They’re completely free & the lineup is always great.

Where: Santa Monica Pier
When: 7-10pm Every Thursday in July-early Sept
Who’s Playing: Check out the lineup on the website; this week is Cayucas & PAPA who are both amazing live.

Grab some food & friends then head to the beach after work on a Thursday. Then relax. Enjoy the sea breeze & the great music. Remember that people travel across the globe to visit where you’re sitting. And be thankful that you live in one of the coolest cities in the world.



Topanga Film Fest

There are many film fests in Los Angeles but I didn’t know until this summer that there was a film fest in Topanga Canyon. The film fest brings some great docs, narrative features, & shorts that usually have some time to the local community.

The doc we saw, titled “GMO OMG“, was the story of filmmaker Jeremy Seifert’s quest to find out the risks & effects genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are having on our health & our environment. While I can’t say I feel 100% compelled to give up things like Breyer’s ice cream, I always appreciate the awareness docs create. I’m going to do my best to try & incorporate a little more organic food in my shopping. Especially while I live in Los Angeles with an abundant amount of resources to shop local.

After the screening, we were invited to a catered lunch (free with proof of ticket purchase or $12). It was interesting to watch all the patrons from our screening ask the caterers if the food was organic & GMO free (which it was).

Great films, organic food, and a beautiful location nestled in the canyon. Not bad Topanga Film Fest, not bad. TFF will be back next summer for anyone who wants to check it out.



Listen To This

Since I’m constantly in my car, I always appreciate good driving music. And since it’s Friday, I thought y’all could use a soundtrack for all your fun plans.  This band was shared with me by my good friend Travis Button on one of his mix tapes and I haven’t been able to stop listening to their stuff.

Who’s Playing: The Districts
Favorite Track: Long Distance

This weekend I’ll be checking out the Topanga Film Festival  to see some cool documentaries & continuing my bedroom makeover I started last week. I’m terrible at interior design related things but there’s something very satisfying about making your home feel more like home.

Have a good weekend everyone!