Animation Wednesdays

To pay the bills, I work as a coordinator here in LA. Currently, I’m working as the animation coordinator on a feature length documentary. I studied film in college and never thought I’d work in animation, but through the past 4 years I’ve managed to work in motion graphics, 3D animation, and VFX for commercials, TV, films, and live events. With each project, my love and appreciation for all the hard work that goes into animation continues to grow.

Animation, especially in short films, never gets as much credit as it deserves. Fantastic storytelling, beautiful soundtracks, unique characters.  There are so many gems out there that people are missing out on.  To help spread the love, I want to share a short a week. This first one is something I came across today and comes from an old member of the most famous animation team around, Disney.

I love this short by Glean Keane because it shows how powerful hand drawn animation still is at creating emotions in an audience.


For my fellow animation nerds, there’s a behind the scenes video you can watch as well.



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