Outdoor Movies in LA

I love outdoor movies. There’s nothing that beats curling up in a cozy sweater under the night sky watching your favorite movie after having just eaten a delicious picnic. Add a bottle of wine in there & I’m in heaven.

Last night I went to my first Street Food Cinema screening at Exposition Park to see Bridesmaids. SFC is known for combining movies, live music, and food trucks together in one event. My roommate and I had a fantastic time. The screen was large enough that you could see even from the back, the sound system was great, and the crowd was really nice (thank you people next to us who let us borrow your wine opener).

We weren’t sure what to expect so we packed a picnic (outside food & beverages welcome) but I think next time we’re going to go the food truck route. I recommend showing up about an hour and a half before the screening to claim your spot and catch the band.

Also, I just have to say that their portable bathrooms were the CLEANEST portable bathrooms I’ve ever been in. I didn’t know using a portable bathroom could ever be a pleasant experience and it was! So kudos to whoever those guys are. (I’m going to pretend it’s not weird to comment on the bathrooms)

These ladies came prepared. I really hope those are their actual bridesmaids dresses.

These ladies came prepared. I really hope those are their actual bridesmaids dresses.

It was nice to see that my roommate and I weren’t the only two girls on a gal pal date. In fact, the crowd was mostly girls which was awesome because when those cute puppies came on the screen, the “Aww” that came from the audience was so loud that I started laughing.


Who: Street Food Cinema

When: Now until late-September

How Much: $14.30 with fees for general ticket

What’s Playing: Pretty In Pink, Weird Science, and Labryinth are up next




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