Topanga Film Fest

There are many film fests in Los Angeles but I didn’t know until this summer that there was a film fest in Topanga Canyon. The film fest brings some great docs, narrative features, & shorts that usually have some time to the local community.

The doc we saw, titled “GMO OMG“, was the story of filmmaker Jeremy Seifert’s quest to find out the risks & effects genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are having on our health & our environment. While I can’t say I feel 100% compelled to give up things like Breyer’s ice cream, I always appreciate the awareness docs create. I’m going to do my best to try & incorporate a little more organic food in my shopping. Especially while I live in Los Angeles with an abundant amount of resources to shop local.

After the screening, we were invited to a catered lunch (free with proof of ticket purchase or $12). It was interesting to watch all the patrons from our screening ask the caterers if the food was organic & GMO free (which it was).

Great films, organic food, and a beautiful location nestled in the canyon. Not bad Topanga Film Fest, not bad. TFF will be back next summer for anyone who wants to check it out.




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