Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

What I’m reading: Nakama I

I’ve recently whipped out my Japanese book from my freshman year of college to start studying Nihongo again. I’m so excited for my trip this fall that it has motivated me to study.日本に行きましょう!

 What I’m buying: Target Bins

I don’t know about you guys but waking up to a clean & organized room makes me feel like I’m doing a good job at adulthood. I got these cute bins at Target to sort all my purses/scarves/hats/etc in my closet.

What I’m watching: The Leftovers

There has been a hole in my heart since Game of Thrones ended this season. The Leftovers kind of feels like my rebound. I know it’s not going anywhere but it fills my Sunday night. I give it another episode or two and then I’ll find something I can really connect to.

What I’m eating: Trader Joe’s Cheddar Rocket Crackers

The Trader Joe’s version of Cheez-its are dangerously addictive. I think I’ve eaten the whole box we have at work. Sorry coworkers.



This weekend I’ll be heading to the Renegade Craft Fair at Grand Park downtown with my BFF Kay. If you guys like indie crafts & cute animals, swing on by.





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