School Lunch

When I was in middle school & elementary school, I lived off of Lunchables and rarely (or never) ate the school lunch. That food was terrible! More recently, when I went with my little sister to kindergarden, I found that nothing had changed. In fact, they may still be using the same shipment of food because I don’t think there’s anything real in there that could have gone bad in the last 20 years.

the bomb dot com

the bomb dot com

Before we started school in Japan, we were given the option of signing up to receive the school lunch or bringing our own bentos (packed lunch). Since I have a kitchen the size of…. well you know what it’s more of a hallway than a kitchen… Anyway, it’s really really really small and I don’t want to cook everyday. Also I’m lazy but let’s blame the kitchen size.

So I signed up for school lunch (給食, kyushoku) and IT’S SO GOOD. I look forward to lunch every single day which I can’t say I ever did back home. The only thing that was difficult getting use to was the milk. There’s none of that 2% milk over here. This stuff is basically cream. But it’s grown on me. Did I mention this delicious meal is only 300 yen ($2.50)???


From L to R, pork gyoza, a pear, veggies & tofu stew type dish, rice, and milk

It doesn’t look like much food but trust me I’m always completely full and only need a small snack for dinner. Even after spending 20 min chasing 3rd graders at recess.

I haven’t taken more pictures because I usually eat lunch with the students in the classroom, but I’ll post more when I can. The whole lunchtime procedure is completely different than the States and is worth it’s own blog post.

Next week is a holiday called “Silver Week” so we don’t have school for 3 days! Three other ALTs and myself are heading to Tokyo on an overnight bus & staying in an AirBnB near Ginza. The birthday celebrations will continue! We’re going to get all dolled up and paint the town red.


I’ve made reservations at a rooftop Mexican restaurant in Shibuya at sunset. Mexican food + Good friends + A beautiful sunset + A beautiful skyline can only equal an unforgettable night. I have a good feeling about 28…

Have a great weekend everyone!



One thought on “School Lunch

  1. Never appreciated school lunch when I was small (I still wouldn’t want milk beside rice) but come to think of it, we had variety of menus everyday and all good for health!

    Hope you will have a good time in Tokyo.


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