First Month Video

I forgot how much joy there is in simply making something. When I was in college, I use to be all about creative pursuits. Writing, painting, making videos, crafts, playing music… Even if the skill wasn’t for me (like that time I made a “scarf” that was only the size of a coaster), being passionate about learning and trying was what mattered most.

When I moved to Los Angeles to work in a creative field, that all sort of stopped. I became a giant consumer of media without actually outputting anything. Not a video not a story not even a sketch in a notebook. And that bummed me out. I don’t know where that passion went.

I have friends in LA who work 12+ hour days AND have their own side business AND create beautiful projects just for fun AND have time to hang out with me. Those people are my heroes & I admire them so much.

A friend off-handedly dubbed my time in Okayama my “renaissance year” but that phrase has stuck with me. It’s given me a new motivation to spend my free time wisely. I’ve been pushing myself to get back into writing, learning Japanese, and making videos, all the things I use to love in college. I’m also trying out new skills like photography.

Taken in Tokyo

So much happened in the first month here that I usually forgot to take out my camera. With what I did capture, I was able to put together a montage. It was all shot on my iPhone so the footage isn’t spectacular but what’s most important is that I had fun putting this together.

When you stop caring about what others will think and just start doing things for you, that’s when something magic happens. Here’s to having fun & maybe learning something too.



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