Hey internet. I’ve been exploring a new city every weekend so I’ve fallen behind on my blogging. At the very least I want to get up some pictures. First up is Kurashiki.


I visited Kurashiki twice, once on my own and once with John & Sierra when they came to visit. I enjoyed it both times. The town is a short train ride west of Okayama.

DSC_0481DSC_0489 DSC_0490Kurashiki is known for the Historical District. It’s a beautiful neighborhood that sits along the Takahashi river. There are many omiyage shops, restaurants, cafes, and an art museum called the Ohara Museum.

DSC_0582DSC_0588 DSC_0501DSC_0558DSC_0572

When I visited the first time, I ate at an amazing little curry shop.


The second time we visited an owl petting zoo. The owls were cute but I do have mixed feelings about the whole experience. It didn’t seem like the owls were very comfortable but I suppose thats an issue visiting any caged animal on display.


An easy day trip from Okayama City. Next time I hope to go back & check out the art museum.



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