The Kyushoku (Lunch) Report

The part of the week where I (try to remember to) post about school lunch. Because they’re one of my favorite parts  of the day and I’m sure my family is wondering what I’ve been eating.

Been behind on doing this post so we’ve got a couple of different lunches here.


milk, white rice, a bean sprout & daikon pickled salad, a veggie potato bean & seawood soup, and a small orange (tastes like a clementine)


steam veggies over rice, milk, a batter covered shrimp, and a veggie soup


White rice with small pieces of pork, milk, a pickled salad, a small batter covered piece of fish, two pieces of sausage, and a veggie tofu soup. The small packet is seawood sheets which you put the rice and items in the silver bowl on to make handroll sushi


bread roll, another pickled salad, milk, and a bbq beef tasting veggie stew


white rice, milk, lemon batter covered squid, and a veggie/pork soup

I’m off to visit Hiroshima this weekend to watch a sumo tournament! I have no idea what to expect which is my favorite kind of adventure.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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