I can’t live in Okayama without writing a post on the character Momotaro. “Momo” means peach so we sometimes call him “Peach Boy”.

He’s our town mascot. He’s at all major public events. He has his own t-shirts, socks, and keychains. And his snack line is delicious.

The story of Momotaro is about a young boy born from a peach, found by an elderly couple who take him in and raise him as their own son. Meanwhile, on the nearby island of Onigashima (Demon Island),  a group of Oni (demons) are threatening to destroy the village. In order to save his people, Momotaro sets off on a journey to fight the Oni. Before he leaves, he is given a flag and a bag of kibidango, a soft, sweet treat made with butter, sugar, and rice. Along the way, he meets 3 companions, a dog, a monkey, and a bird, who join him on his mission after he gives them kibidango. Together, they fight the Oni and save the village.

Here’s an English version I found online.


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