West Japan Bucket List

Less than 3 months till our Okayama contract is over. Didn’t we just move here?

I’ve made a bucket list of places in Okayama and nearby prefectures that I’d like to see before I leave West Japan. Some are places that were so amazing, I just need to see them again. Like Naoshima.


My West Japan Bucket List

  1. Tottori
  2. Yubara Onsen
  3. Fukuoka
  4. Osaka/Kyoto/Kansai Area
  5. Universal Studios Japan
  6. Mr. Kinoshito’s
  7. The Ohara Museum in Kurashiki
  8. The Naked Man Festival
  9. Fabric Town Kojima Festival (or anywhere denim is dyed)
  10. Naoshima (again)


I’d love to hear your recommendations! Where would you like to visit?




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