My First Trip to Japan

I first traveled to Japan back in November 2014. It was my first trip as a solo female traveler.

While my girl friends glamorized the idea of solo traveling, I thought it sounded awful and swore to never do it. But when my best friend could no longer come with me, I had to make a choice: give up on a trip I had been planning for a year and dreaming of for decades, or travel alone.

I tried to keep my anxiety at bay by planning, researching, and creating all kinds of lists. I had screenshots of maps, PDF guidebooks saved to my phone, Japanese dictionary apps… Backup copies of my passport and all my hotel bookings. Backups OF THOSE backups. I went a little overboard. But I think most people do on their first trip abroad alone.

I’m so happy I came because I gained so much more confidence in myself. And that trip was what ultimately let me know that I could live in Japan on my own.

While working on a video today, I found an old edit I made of my first trip. I don’t know why I never posted it but here it is. It’s been long enough that the shots all feel dreamy and nostalgic.

Right now, the biggest news in my life is that I’m moving to Yokohama next month! I’ll be staying with Interac and starting a new contract with a few elementary schools for this coming school year. I can’t wait to explore Yokohama and discover a new part of Japan. And I can’t wait to be closer to the madness that is Tokyo. I always dreamed I would live near Tokyo and now that’s a reality.

Dreams do come true kids.




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