Life Lately

DSC_0213So much has happened in the last 3 months. My half year contract in Okayama came to an end. I said goodbye to all my schools. I said bye to all the amazing friends I made in Okayama.  I went on an amazing week long trip by local train from Okayama to Kyushu with my boyfriend. I visited my Chicago friends in Nakatsu. I moved from Okayama to Tokyo. I left Interac. I started a new job at an international kindergarten. I saw sakura season for the first time in Japan. My boyfriend moved to Shanghai to start a new job. I traveled to China for a weekend to visit him.

And that’s the short version.

DSC_0395I can’t believe only 2 months has passed since I came to Tokyo. It’s been tough getting used to this new city alone. Life in Tokyo is much more hectic than life in the countryside. And without my support system of friends and my boyfriend, I’ve been struggling to adapt. Tokyo can be isolating and stressful. It’s the kind of experience I expected to have when I first came to Japan….only it’s 6 months later.

DSC_0515.JPGNow that I’ve adapted to my new situation, life is going more smoothly. I’ve got a routine going at my new school. I’ve made a few new friends. And I know the difference between a local and an express train (and which one stops at my station). The once unsolvable Tokyo subway system no longer feels like such a mystery.

DSC_0498.JPGNow it’s time to start looking forward. In August I will have been in Japan for one year. I’m excited for a new chapter to begin and for new adventures later this year.