Hello from China


Hello friends! It’s been a while. I disappeared from the blog all summer but I’ve returned now from a new location- China! That’s right. I have said goodbye to Japan for now and have moved to China to be with my love. I never thought I would move somewhere for a guy but alas, I should have listened to the great advice of my best friend Justin Bieber, never say never.

I’ve been wasting a lot of time debating whether I wanted to do vlogs or blogs and instead of actually TRYING either of them, I did nothing. It’s been way too easy to put on an episode of a TV show and zone out on my days off than to push myself to create or write or read something that inspires me. A blogger I follow and respect dearly said herself that when she consumes more than she creates she feels “blah” and I am struggling with the same problem.

So here’s to trying to be better about observing and writing about adjusting to life in China. And sharing it with you!