Oh great, another blog

I feel like every young sapling of a blog needs this post. The one where you justify to yourself and others why you decided to take up some real estate on the internet. I honestly still don’t know if this is a good idea. But if you’re like me, you create pro/con lists to solve your problems. And write letters to your future self.


Dear Future Krissy,


I hope this pros & cons list serves as a good reminder on why you spent so much of your time on this blog.



1. It’s a little egotistical.

Let’s be real, you have to be at least a tad egotistical to want to pull others to your little corner of the interwebs.

2. It opens the door of privacy

I can be a little shy but now I’m starting a blog. My twitter account is locked but now I’m writing to strangers. All weird choices.


1. To be able to share my life with friends & family 

All of my immediate family lives in Texas & I have the privilage of having friends all over the country. It’s hard keeping in touch with everyone through busy schedules & time zones so it’s nice to know that this little blog will be here waiting.

2. To learn a new skill

Even to get this far I’ve had to learn a lot about layouts & WordPress. I love all the tinkering behind the scenes & hope I can learn more.

3. As a creative outlet

Things get all jumbled up in this brain of mine so getting everything out of my head into words helps me to understand myself & the things I care about better.


As you could have guessed, the pros won so here we are. I hope you’ve finally stopped eating Ruffles before bed. You know it triggers that dream with the zombies. You hate that one.


Hugs & Besos,

Past Krissy