Another facet of my love for music in LA has been the discovery of great Latin music. I knew there were Latino artists out there making something other than reggaton but I didn’t know where to find them. One of my new favorite radio programs that I’ve discovered is the Latin Alternative. These guys have opened my eyes to a whole new group of artists. There is so much more being done creatively in Latin America than the junk you hear on the radio (sorry Prince Royce).

Once again, it is my duty as a Latina & a music lover to share these wonderful artists with you. The first is a Mexican singer/songwriter who’s melodies & voice will melt your heart: Carla Morrison. She is one of the first people I found through the Latin Alternative about a year ago and haven’t stopped listening to since.

If you live in LA, you can catch the Latin Alternative Thursdays at 9pm on 88.5 KSCN. For those everywhere else, you can listen online here.