Currently: Jan 2017


What I’m doing: Prepping For Chinese New Year

I’m officially on holiday today! Hooray! Tonight my fiance and I will be heading back to his hometown for the Chinese New Year holiday. I’ve only met his mom, dad, and one cousin, so I can’t wait to meet the entire clan. I’ll be one of only a handful of foreigners in this small town so I’m excited to once again be representing Mexican Americans and sharing my culture.

What I’m buying: Chinese New Year Gifts

We’ve packed the car with fruit, wine, and gifts for the family. We’ve even got the traditional Chinese red envelopes with money for the little ones. I’m not even sure there’s room for our suitcases anymore…

What I’m watching: Terrace House

I started watching Terrace House when I just moved to Japan to help practice my Japanese. I LOVE this show and I’m so happy Netflix just released a new season in Hawaii. This is what reality TV should be and I’m glad it’s gaining popularity in the U.S. I found a great article explaining it’s charm and why American TV should be taking notes. 

What I’m eating:  Pineapple Buns

Pineapple buns are a delicious dessert I tried in Hong Kong . It doesn’t actually have pineapple in it; it’s called pineapple bread because of the crunchy outer shell that resembles a pineapple. It’s made of a sweet bread and often eaten during afternoon tea. It’s very sweet and comes with a giant slice of butter in the center. Pair this with a cup of Hong Kong style milk tea and WOW. Heaven. I like that they look like conchas but the taste is completely different. I associate conchas with my grandparents and coffee. Maybe this is my version.


Everything has been leading up to Chinese New Year and now it’s finally here! In addition to family time, we’ll be heading to Yellow Mountain to go hiking. It’s been a while since I’ve seen snow so fingers crossed we’ll get a beautiful white scenery.

Hope everyone has a lovely Chinese New Year!