Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

Recently I visited Porto’s, a famous bakery located in Burbank. They have so many insanely delicious pastries and desserts for very inexpensive prices.

There’s always a line but it moves very quickly. I actually needed that time to stare at all the beautiful desserts and pick what I wanted. It can be overwhelming to pick, especially for a first-timer, so I recommend sticking with their classics: the guava and cheese pastry ($.75), the cheese roll ($.70), and a few potato balls ($.90/ea).

Who’s Cookin’: Porto’s Bakery & Cafe
Where: 315 N Brand Blvd (Burbank)
What I Ate: This time around I got a cheese roll ($.75) and a spinach feta croissant($1.55) which I ate before I could take a picture of it (first world problems).